Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Outside of the famous church of the Sound of Music.  Posted by Picasa
Trip to Salzburg 9/11/05 Posted by Picasa

Friday, September 16, 2005


So now I'm in Austira studing for a semester, and so far it has been amazing!! I will try to get pictures up on a regular basis and some of my Great stories! But we will see. This weekend (sept. 16,2005) I'm going on a 20 mile Pro-Life walk. I am so excited for it. I'll take lots of pictures and let you all see what I've done!

MOre Pictures of Patrick and Claudia

These are 2 of my nieces and nephews: Patrick and Claudia whom I babysitted a little this summer.

Summer 2005 Babysitting

SO this summer was a tad bit hectic... I was accepted into the nursing program at Steubie U and as a result of that I had to take a summer class. It was a blast, but I definitely had to work for the grade I got. Then my brother Mark flew out to help me drive back home
Its a forty hour drive to Idaho from Steubie, but we had a great time. Well I don't know how great a time Mark had, but I sure had fun.
We drove through the Grand Tetons, which I totally recommend doing. I really can't describe the beauty of those mountains. You have to see them. I took a lot of pictures so when I get this figured out I'll put some up.